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Bill Pitts began his musical career back in the early 80's. He played in a band that at various phases was called Legacy, Cerberus, and lastly Death Weapon. The genre of choice was hard rock and heavy metal and they could be heard playing songs by AC/DC, Judas Priest, and Ozzy Osbourne. After a few years, this band broke up and he became more influenced by the progressive art rock of bands such as Pink Floyd, Yes and Rush. During his later high school years, he played in a band called October which performed songs by these artists. After that band went its separate ways he later started a band with the former bassist of October, Bob Sarsfield. This band was called Minus Tirith from the works of J.R. Tolkien. This band played a great variety of music from Top 40 to Prog Rock but it didn't last long. Soon after that Bill went to Elmhurst College to major in Music Business. There he studied classical guitar with Paul Herman, sang in the Elmhurst College Choir and studied music theory, orchestration, and audio engineering. During this time Bill and the vocalist of Minus Tirith, Paul Shamoun (current vocalist with the contemporary christian rock band Church of Rhythm), would form Safety In Numbers. This band performed original music in Chicago clubs that blended a number of eclectic styles into an original pop format. While the band appeared headed for greater success, internal strife broke the band apart.
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After several years of several small projects and stalled efforts, Bill teamed up with Don Mills after Don responded to an ad that Bill placed in a local music store. Drawing upon the years of past experiences they formed Wave Estate. For Bill, Wave Estate mixes elements from all those experiences to create an interesting blend of original music that draws power from hard rock, while adding the intricacies of progressive rock and the song crafting of pop.







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