Brian Dameron

Brian Dameron Playing Drums

Brian Dameron in Concert

Brian John Dameron's drumming career started eighteen years ago when 27 year old Brian was only ten years old. Brian's mother and aunt bought him his first drum set off the stage of the Grande Ole Opry as his Christmas present. Yet it was not until he was 14 when he got into his first band with his friends Hash and Clark. They called the band Metal Morphasis. At this point in time they were playing heavy music, doing covers of Black Sabbath, Metallica, and Judas Priest songs. In the nine years between when Brian was 14 and 23 he basically stayed jamming with Hash and recycled through other band members. It was during these nine years when Brian's musical tastes broadened from just heavy metal to all different types of music. He learned songs by The Cure (Boris Williams), L.A. Guns (Steve Riley), Ned's Atomic Dust Bin, and Live (Chad Gracey) to name a few. Because of a friend, Chuck, when Brian was 23 he replaced the drummer in a beginning band with inexperienced musicians called The Shrooms. The Shrooms consisted of Brian-Drummer, Scott-guitarist, Jorge-Bassist, and Ryan & Jon as singers. The band played various shows for about a year, but then had to break up because the guitarist Scott went away to college. Then together with Jorge from The Shrooms and a new guitarist Mike, they formed a new band - The Revived; which only lasted a summer. During that time
Brian by Lake
Brian's friend Randy Manley was talking to Bill Pitts that Brian is a good drummer, so eventually Brian replaced the old drummer from the current band Wave Estate: Brian Dameron-Drums, Bill Pitts-Guitarist, Background Vocals, Keyboards, etc. and Don Mills-Lead Vocals, and Bassist.





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